The TCi List

This is a directory of companies within London’s TechCity. The criteria for inclusion in this list is the company based in or around the East London area and is developing business that is typically ‘next generation’ in the creative, digital and tech sector.

Each company record is created by TechCityInsider and updated either by the company itself, or our editorial team, to include projects the company has worked on in the past and is developing for the future.

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Abacus Printing Co.Ltd.

Abacus Printing Company is a modern and innovative printing company that has been delivering print and communication solutions for over 40 years. [...]


Accelerator specialise in business development programs for high value, innovative, growing businesses in information and communication technology, interactive media, e-learning, and design. [...]


Actimize are a leading worldwide provider of financial crime, risk, and compliance solutions. [...]

Ad.lq Ltd

Ad.IQ is a market leading provider of mobile services to the corporate, government and charity sectors. [...]

Adaptive Lab

Adaptive Lab design digital applications and services for an audience that’s always on. [...]

Advantage Design Consultants

Advantage Design Consultants are one of London's most experienced, versatile design agencies, purporting to be 'friendly, energetic, challenging, efficient, and multi-skilled'. [...]


Aerial blend strategies from the arts, design, engineering and psychology to offer consultancy on the design and production of intriguing interactive electromechanical installations, sculptures and rides, as well as the curating and staging of events. [...]

AGA Group

AGA Group are a leading business-to-business communications agency, fully integrated with brand consulting, creative, media, PR, events and digital all under one roof. [...]


aiHit provides company data to the business information, market research and lead generation industries. [...]


Albion is a growing, independent advertising agency that specialises in digital but is 'open to using whatever media will best meet the client’s business objectives'. [...]


Alchemy Social is a platform used on the market for creating, managing and optimising social advertising campaigns. [...]

Aliform Ltd

Aliform are a company of developers and designers with experience in web applications, web sites and web services. [...]

All About Careers

All About Careers is a careers information site for 16-24 year olds. [...]

All Global

All Global is a multi-method healthcare data collection partner whose aim is to provide users with a consultative service. [...]


AltCapX provide financial solutions to start-ups throughout all stages of their development and specialise in providing a secondary market for existing shareholders who need liquidity. [...]


AMEE helps companies, governments and consumers calculate their carbon footprint consistent with the best science and to international standards. [...]


Amplicate group similar opinions in one place, making them more likely to be found by other people and companies. [...]

AnalogFolk LLP

AnalogFolk's advertising approach is to repeatedly 'create, implement, evaluate' - keeping people engaged in the lifespan of an idea. [...]

Anderson Norton Design

Anderson Norton Design view 'graphic design as craft and business working together', and work to create inspirational design that people can relate to and clients can be proud of. [...]

Animal Systems

Animal Systems is a creative technology company who are currently building a new platform to connect objects to networks, called Chirp. [...]

Antenna International

Antenna International create handheld audio and multimedia tours that help museums, historic and cultural sites and tourist attractions shape and enrich their visitors’ experiences. [...]

Applied Information Group

Applied Information Group is an umbrella organisation for the varied commercial activities of its principal associates. [...]

AppShed Limited

The AppShed team offer iPhone and iPad app development, having been building advanced digital systems 'for just under a decade'. [...]

Aqueduct Design & Advertising

Aqueduct is a digitally creative agency, who see themselves as made up of an unusual mix of straight talking and collaborative people. [...]

Architecture 00 Ltd

Architecture 00:/ is a London based strategy & design practice, with a broad spectrum of clients and collaborators on a range of projects from new civic institutions, to ultra-low-energy private houses. [...]


Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. [...]

Area Now

AREANOW is a short-notice event recommendation service specialising in all the relevant things happening around you. [...]

Art & Industry (UK) Ltd

A&I work on some of the worlds leading brand names, with an appreciation of complex group structures and the dynamics that influence them. [...]

Asite Solutions

Asite enable their users to take continuous, planned and measured steps to improve their company's profit margins, through more efficient and effective collaborative working practices. [...]


The Asymilate Group are a Financial Markets Consulting organisation providing business and technology solutions to clients in the Capital Markets Industry. [...]


Atmos specialises in creative campaign management. [...]

Attitude Events

Attitude aims to 'bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers', offering logistic and operational support, be it 'in an exhibition environment' or 'guerilla style activity on the street'. [...]

Aura Design

Aura offer a single point of contact for all design and design-related needs. [...]


AVAMAE are web designers who are able to 'transform your working ideas into a working reality'. [...]


Avco work collaboratively to bring their own vision and sensibilities to client's projects, with a long history of innovative and pioneering digital work in the music industry and art world. [...]

Axiom SL Europe

Axiom SL provide enterprise-wide infrastructure and analytical applications in the areas of data integration and warehousing, financial and energy risk management, regulatory reporting, compliance and financial control. [...]

Axon Publishing Ltd

Axon Publishing produces magazines, catalogues, digital communications and print publications, for clients in every sector- from education to retail, from charities to manufacturers. [...]