kay hutchison

London’s tech-led creative renaissance

This summer’s decision by Tech London Advocates to launch a new creative tech working group reflects the rise of technology-led creative businesses in and beyond the capital. Kay Hutchison, leading the new group, explains.

Classic Cuba

Cuba embarks on digital revolution

Cuba is coming in to the modern world after decades of US embargo against Castro’s communist rule – and the Caribbean island is now staking its claim as the region’s new tech startup hub. Timothy Ashby and Rosemary Forsyth reflect on a recent UKTI trip and the big tech challenges facing the country.

Emma Carr

Big Brother Watch is watching you

DATA DRIVEN: Big data may offer near-endless commercial opportunities. But if the technology industry is to remain credible, individual privacy must always come before profit, says Big Brother Watch director Emma Carr.


Oxford’s silicon spire dreams grow

TECH NATION: TechCityinsider has been reporting this month on some of the most promising tech startups to emerge from the university city of Oxford. Roy Azoulay of the Isis Software Incubator offers an update the city’s startup successes in 2015.

Pigeon Poop

Unsure on May 7? There’s an app for that

DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: There’s a plethora of apps and online tools out there aiming to help you decide who to vote for in the May 7 general election. Some are frivolous, others more serious. All use code to demystify the jargon of politics.

Polling Station

Election will shape our digital economy

DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: Chancellor George Osborne’s March budget signalled the government’s pre-election direction of travel on tech. What will polling day bring for tech, asks Russ Shaw.

belinda parmar

Treat her like a Lady Geek

TECHNATION200: Belinda Parmar is one of the UK’s most respected advocates for gender equality in the tech space. She tells us what she’s doing to boost female representation – and why she sees empathy as central to it all.

houses of parliament

Democracy debate grows louder

DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: January’s launch of the UK Speaker’s Digital Democracy Commission report was followed this month by a Houe of Commons adjournment debate. Labour MP and Commission member Meg Hillier offers her perspective on the issues.


UVD makes Vote for Policies count

DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: Ahead of the May 7 UK general election, voluntary not-for-profit Vote for Policies has launched the latest version of its policies-first survey platform. Kirsten Minshall, director of UVD, the agency behind the platform, explains.

city view

NatWest banks on fintech change

The rapid rise of new tech-driven financial services presents big challenges for incumbent banking providers. The best response the incumbents can give is to welcome the new world, and offer new and open partnerships with the disrupters, says Matt James, of NatWest/RBS.