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When a stock listing makes sense

Why and how should a tech business aim for a stock market listing over other forms of fundraising? And, with market uncertainty, what kinds of success are London-listed businesses experiencing? James Clark of the London Stock Exchange answers our questions.

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What Edinburgh tech needs to grow

The tech sector in Edinburgh has experienced double-digit growth since 2010, increasing in size by 43%. It now accounts for one in every eight businesses in the city. What does the Scottish capital need now to lift it to the next level? Francesca Woodhouse reports.

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Gojimo disrupts learning by mobile

Command-and-control approaches to learning just don’t cut it with millennials, who are independently minded and prefer to learn through mobile, says Gojimo founder George Burgess, who has just launched a tutor app that offers one-to-one smartphone support.


Croydon’s tech play moves centre stage

Croydon in south London has been pushing hard for greater recognition of its increasingly important role as a technology business cluster. With official figures backing up its claims, Jonny Rose, the co-founder and director of Croydon Tech City, offers an update.

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UK fintech needs to speak up on Brexit

This week’s Innovate Finance global summit demonstrated the strength of the London fintech sector. But a serious threat to the success of the sector looms, in the form of the EU referendum. Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw welcomes comments by City of London’s Mark Boleat and says the sector must come together to remain.


Why London tech needs the EU

London has consolidated its position as the digital capital of Europe. But, says Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw, this position could be threatened by the looming risk of Brexit. He says it’s hardly surprising that survey after survey from the sector backs that view.

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Maserati100 looks to next-gen tech

Tech entrepreneurs are well represented in the 2016 Maserati 100 – a list aimed at recognising those generously giving their time, money and resources to support new business founders. Centre for Entrepreneurs director Matt Smith reports.


Time to prepare for a tech-pocalypse?

It’s not exactly the dotcom bubble all over again, but it is a bit déjà vu. That’s the view of ‘grumpy entrepreneur’ David Murray-Hundley, who sees worrying similarities to the last tech boom before bust. He should know. He was there at the sharp end first time around.

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Investigatory bill still endangers privacy

A revised version of the UK government’s controversial investigatory powers bill was presented parliament this week. Mike Weston, chief executive of data science consultancy Profusion, says changes to the bill do little to address privacy and tech concerns.

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Startup marketers must adapt or fail

The world of marketing is being revolutionised by digital and the processes and data that surround it – leaving few tech roles changing faster than chief marketing officer. Logan Hall of Rebel Hack Studios reflects on the change and offers some advice going forward.