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will grant

Droplet reboot seeks payments niche

TECHNATION200: Mobile payments startup Droplet this year pivoted into a digital rewards business with mobile payments attached, responding to the rise of big US competitors and contactless cards. Co-founder Will Grant talks to us.


Talberg puts trucking on the map

TECHNATION200: PIE Mapping, a provider of mapping solutions for truck drivers and hauliers, formed relationships with large corporates through taking part in accelerators. Chief executive Freddie Talberg tells Toni Sekinah why freight logistics is ripe for disruption.


Waldorf explores the great indoors

TECHNATION200: Proptech startup Virtual Walkthrough helps prospective buyers get a better visual sense of a property before they visit by providing a high-resolution view of the inside. Antony Waldorf tells Toni Sekinah how his hobby as a handyman inspired his latest venture.

mike bandar

Bandar’s restless business agenda

TECHNATION200: Tech entrepreneur Mike Bandar has an eyebrow-raising CV that includes a paintball business, a health products startup and dating site Toyboy Warehouse. Based in Birmingham, he has now turned to an Instagram scheduling startup called Hopper.

Michael-George Hemus

Plumen lights up the smart home

TECHNATION200: With smart home technology offering new opportunities for lighting control, Plumen is exploring the opportunities it offers. Co-founder Michael-George Hemus tells TCi about the Plumen mission.

Prash Naidu

Rezonence offers new adtech gains

TECHNATION200: Advertising technology startup Rezonence helps online publishers pay for their content and brands secure better engagement with their adverts. Founder and chief executive Prash Naidu explains the business and the technology to TCi.

David Levine

Digital bridge across the imagination

TECHNATION200: Digital Bridge is a retail technology startup that helps home shoppers visualise what a store’s products will look like in their own homes, with a simple-to-use computer vision platform that recognises the space. Chief executive David Levine explains.

Ross Bailey

Appear Here wins using retail as brand

TECHNATION200: Retail property tech platform Appear Here brings renters and landlords together in an online marketplace. It’s best-known for its pop-ups in London’s Old Street tube. Founder Ross Bailey says using retail space as branding is key to its success.

bruce hellman

uMotif’s healthy big data play

TECHNATION200: uMotif allows patients with long-term conditions to record information about their health. Chief executive Bruce Hellman tells TCi about its soon-to-be-launched citizen science project.

hussein kanji

Kanji’s Hoxton ventures and gains

TECHNATION200: Hoxton Ventures co-founder Hussein Kanji, behind disrupters like Deliveroo and Yieldify, believes Europeans don’t know how to invest in venture – and that SEIS and EIS schemes are like ‘corporate welfare’.