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Matt Celuszak

Bringing emotions to life

TECHCITYINSIDER100: CrowdEmotion uses facial coding to capture people’s emotions. Its CEO and co-founder Matt Celuszak tells Andrew Dickens how his firm links its groundbreaking technology to businesses.

Sinead Mac Manus

Fluent thinking

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Sinead Mac Manus, co-founder and CEO of learning platform Fluency, is on a mission to get more young people into work by connecting learners and businesses. With a seed round just completed, the company could be on its way.

Tech City UK logo

Showcasing UK tech clusters

TECH TALK 27: This month in London, Tech City UK hosted its first public event focussing on five tech clusters and their impact on the UK tech economy. Tech City UK chief Gerard Grech talks about collaboration between clusters.

gregor pryor

Pryor engagement

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Gregor Pryor is a partner and digital media specialist at global law firm Reed Smith. He spoke to Julian Blake about the law and technology, and the most common pitfalls facing new tech business.

John Lewis

Inside the JLAB incubator

TECH TALK 26: Few areas of our consumer lives have been disrupted by technology in recent years as much as shopping. Forward-thinking retailers combine online with mobile and the physical worlds to provide ‘omni-channel’ solutions. John Lewis’s JLAB incubator space draws on the culture and know-how of tech startups. We visited JLAB at Level 39.

Appear Here

Rising rents drive agents of change

PROPERTY TECH: Juliette Morgan, head of property for Tech City UK and a partner at Cushman Wakefield says higher rents are helping drive change in the way the property market itself operates.

Tobi Schneidler

Bouncepad adds spring to retail step

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Bouncepad is a Kentish Town-based design and technology business with a sharp focus on retail. Its product brings tablet tech to commercial spaces, enhancing customer experience. Chief executive Tobi Schneidler talks to us.

Martin Macmillan

Pollen forecast good for apps

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Payments by app stores to the developers who create the apps can take 60 days or more. Now a new ‘velocity capital’ service, Pollen, pays developers up front for sales. CEO and co-founder Martin Macmillan explains.


Bricks to clicks and back with Boxpark

RETAIL TECH: Since opening two years ago, pop-up shopping mall Boxpark has been busy connecting the online and physical worlds. Now its omni-channel Marketplace offering is being extended beyond its Shoreditch base. Founder Roger Wade explains.

Google Ventures

Google’s venture London’s gain

Google Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of the US tech giant, is opening up a new $100m European venture capital fund based in London, the firm has announced.