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TechCityInsider is about the people, issues, and companies defining the next generation of digital business in and around east London.

The area – known by some as Tech City, others as Silicon Roundabout, but others still as good old Shoreditch – has been the hub for innovation and growth for years. But, with the backing of the UK Government’s Tech City initiative, it has been emerging as one of the world’s great technology centres, mixing the creativity of Shoreditch with the redevelopment now happening at the Olympic Park post-games.

We provide context for this innovation, profiling the key players and inviting contribution from the community. Our TechCityInsider100 strand profiles leading industry figures, as well as the most exciting new arrivals on the technology business scene.

Most of our content features people from the immediate area. But we also think that Tech City is no longer confined to the east of London. Many outstanding tech startups have emerged in other parts of London, indeed beyond London itself. For that reason we’re treating Tech City more as a state of mind than a geographical location.

TechCityInsider is a brand of C21Media Ltd, an international publishing company founded in Shoreditch in 1997. We are part of the story.

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