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Tobi Schneidler

Bouncepad adds spring to retail step

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Bouncepad is a Kentish Town-based design and technology business with a sharp focus on retail. Its product brings tablet tech to commercial spaces, enhancing customer experience. Chief executive Tobi Schneidler talks to us.

Martin Macmillan

Pollen forecast good for apps

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Payments by app stores to the developers who create the apps can take 60 days or more. Now a new ‘velocity capital’ service, Pollen, pays developers up front for sales. CEO and co-founder Martin Macmillan explains.


Clicks to bricks and back with Boxpark

RETAIL TECH: Since opening two years ago, pop-up shopping mall Boxpark has been busy connecting the online and physical worlds. Now its omni-channel Marketplace offering is being extended beyond its Shoreditch base. Founder Roger Wade explains.

Google Ventures

Google’s venture London’s gain

Google Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of the US tech giant, is opening up a new $100m European venture capital fund based in London, the firm has announced.

Paul Sheedy

Reaping retail rewards

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Reward Technology offers consumers and retailers a loyalty card that can be detected on store entry and then deliver targeted offers. Founder Paul Sheedy explains.

Berlin Wrinkles

Berlin’s tech voices heard

BERLIN TECH CITY: We continue our coverage of the Berlin tech startup scene with interviews with four more leading figures – from Wooga, Soundcloud, Geekettes and Tech Open Air.


Berlin’s investment challenge

BERLIN TECH CITY: Investment is integral to the success of any technology startup city – and Berlin is no exception. We asked two of the city’s leading investors for their views.

tech vs brains

Tech vs brains: new jobs need new skills

Technology businesses will create millions of new jobs in the UK and beyond – but at the same time technological advance is driving the loss of white-collar jobs across the economy, a top-level summit at the House of Commons heard this week.

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