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big ben nvrd

Bite the Ballot helps young votes count

DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: Not-for-profit young voter engagement campaign Bite the Ballot broke world records in February with a voter registration drive that cost just £200. Ahead of UK polling day on May 7, its focus is a new voter advice tool. Mike Sani explains.

Mark Gracey

Gracey’s Scottish Equity investment mix

TECHNATION200: Mark Gracey works as a principal for venture and growth investor Scottish Equity Partners, sourcing new investee companies and working with them to achieve a successful exit. He talks to us.

Silicon Roundabout

Plan to help share ‘flat white’ dividend

A package of proposals to help young east Londoners access the booming ‘flat white’ economy – and ease the tech skills crisis that threatens to undermine it – is unveiled today in a new research report from policy think tank Centre for London.

David Ford

Bright Blue Day’s go-to brand mission

TECHNATION200: Bournemouth-based Bright Blue Day builds “go-to” brands, putting tech at the heart of its offering. BBD’s co-founder and chief executive, David Ford, is also chair of Silicon South, promoting the Bournemouth tech cluster – the UK’s fastest growing.

More London, by Trey Ratcliffe, from the blog

Innovator optimism and EU exit fears rise

UK business innovators are far more optimistic about the prospects for growth than at the same time last year, with greater access to loans and angel finance apparently key, Silicon Valley Bank’s annual survey says.

Gavin Littlejohn

Dashboard funds help it help others

TECH FUNDAMENTALS: Money Dashboard helps consumers keep an eye on what they are spending and saving regardless of who they bank with. Founder Gavin Littlejohn is on a mission to help people have more control over their spending.


Nourish hopes for better care

TECHNATION200: Nourish Care is a Bournemouth-based social and healthcare technology looking to revolutionise social care through its cloud and mobile apps. Its serial entrepreneur founder and chief executive, Nuno Almeida, talks to us.

belinda parmar

Treat her like a Lady Geek

TECHNATION200: Belinda Parmar is one of the UK’s most respected advocates for gender equality in the tech space. She tells us what she’s doing to boost female representation – and why she sees empathy as central to it all.

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