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Zia Hayat

Callsign generator

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Callsign is an app that protects individual’s information by doing away with the need for easy to crack passwords. Founder Zia Hayat explains the service – now being trialled by the UK government – to Julian Blake.

Marc Zornes

Winnow’s war on waste

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Winnow works with hospitality companies to minimise the £2.5bn lost in food waste each year. Co-founder Marc Zornes plans to make the food supply chain more sustainable – and help businesses become more profitable.


Bussey man indeed

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Ed Bussey, a man with an eclectic background that includes a stint in the navy, talks to Clive Whittingham about Quill – his fast-growing and much-admired content creation company.

Ashon Spooner

Let the Phundee begin

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Phundee is a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to the arts & entertainment sector. Co-founder and chief executive Ashon Spooner has been driven since college days by a desire to increase funding for fledgling arts projects – and keep it fun.

Saul Klein

Klein’s Index mission

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Index Ventures is one of the world’s leading venture capital firms, with deep expertise in the tech sector and investments in JustEat, King, Soundcloud and Skype. Partner Saul Klein tells us what kind of companies are on the firm’s radar.

Lucy Stonehill

BridgeU closes education gap

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Edtech platform BridgeU offers international students one-stop-shop access to universities around the world, deploying software to match students with the most suitable universities. Chief executive Lucy Stonehill talks about the business.

Tech Fundamentals

TCi launches Tech Fundamentals

TechCityinsider has launched an online and live event initiative called Tech Fundamentals, designed to examine the issues surrounding the finance of tech business in the UK.

Rod Banner 190

Meet the Bannerman

Tech marketing industry veteran Rod Banner talks to Clive Whittingham about his new 3LA agency, launching Bailey’s Irish Cream and why big business is failing with social media.

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