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zak sabban

Festickets funds the future

TECH FUNDAMENTALS: Festival package booking service Festicket raised $2.7m in series A this September. Co-founder Zack Sabban tells us why they chose the investors they did and what the injection means for business growth.

Benjamin Males

Studio XO suits the future

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Benjamin Males, co-founder and chief technology officer of wearable tech business Studio XO, tells us why his company is more than just about designing garments for Lady Gaga.

Niall Murphy

Evrythng’s looking good

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Internet-of-things business Evrythng has been growing rapidly during 2014, using technology to help brands connect quite literally with consumers direct. Co-founder and chief executive Niall Murphy, a serial tech entrepreneur, spoke to us.

TCD audience

Google Ventures London’s gain

TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT: Google Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of the US tech giant, will conduct its operations in Europe as it has done in the US by co-investing the opening day of TechCrunch Disrupt London heard this week.

Alex Berezovskiy

Let’s go with Leto

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Alex Berezovskiy is helping bigger brands to think like a startup through his consultancy Leto – and its Startup Rally initiative is helping grow the tech ecosystem Europe wide.

Peter Hames

Sweet dreams with Sleepio

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Online sleep improvement programme is revolutionising the way insomniacs can treat their sleeplessness – combining cognitive behavioural therapy and new technology. Founder and chief executive Peter Hames talks to us.

Glen Mehn

Change is the mission for BGV

TECH FUNDAMENTALS: Forty two startups looking to change the world have so far won the backing of London-based social business investment accelerator Bethnal Green Ventures – with a total investment of more than £500,000.

Juliana Meyer

SupaPass makes music fan connections

TECHCITYINSIDER100: SupaPass is a ‘next-generation music fanclub’ platform that allows artists and fans to connect more easily. Founder and CEO Juliana Meyer tells us all about it.

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